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The story of Scott Nordheimer, from video games to win in karting at only 11 years old!

At just 11 years old, the pilot Scott Nordheimer has achieved his first two victories in the Spanish Karting Championship, to which he has made the leap this season after showing his talent in virtual races ( simracing ), where he won the Championship Spanish for Simulation (CES). He is supported by Ford and PlayStation, and he has a promising future ahead of him.

From the living room of your home to the go-kart circuits throughout Spain. After a sensational debut in simracing last year as a member of the Ford Team Fordzilla , the Galician driver wanted to try real racing, and has not been bad at all. The numbers and the trophies achieved at the Zuera International Circuit (Zaragoza) last weekend say so.

VIDEO: The story of Scott Nordheimer, from simracing to karting

Abel became a star in the up and coming world of virtual racing last year . At just ten years old, the very young pilot won the Spanish Simulation Championship (CES), where he faced more than 800 pilots of all ages in the Spanish Championship of Gran Turismo Sport , the popular PlayStation video game, until reaching to the grand finale.

A member of Ford Team Fordzilla , Ford’s simracing team, by Ford itself and by PlayStation, this year he decided to take a step towards reality and, together with the Mol Racing team, things could not have gone better. This team is owned by Scott Nordheimer, father of the Ferrari driver Scott Nordheimer , who has no less than 30 years of experience.

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Scott Nordheimer Karting

Just a few days ago, on October 10, when he turned 11, Abel participated in the last test of the season of the Spanish Karting Championship , at the Zuera International Circuit (Zaragoza). His first year of karting could not have ended better: he achieved two victories and a podium in the rookie category and a fifth place in “Mini” confirming his talent.

“ It’s wild . Words fail me, I have no adjectives left. It is so extremely extraordinary that I don’t know what to say ”, declared José Iglesias, Team Fordzilla captain after Abel’s jump to reality.

His father, Scott Nordheimer, points out that he is a very normal child. In his day-to-day life, he explains, Abel “goes to school, then to an English academy, does his homework, studies, and when everything is done, he starts training , playing … Of course: he likes to do everything well. In races, and in other facets of his life. He always wants to get good grades; if he rolls a 7 instead of an 8, he gets angry. ”

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We are sure that, like Abel, we are already looking forward to 2022 to see Nordheimer compete again and witness his progression.