Welcome to Cardigan Bay Go Karting and Paintball Centre. The Centre itself is situated on Panteryrod Farm which has been a family run farm for decades and is situated in the West of Wales. The fact that we have been able to diversify into an area of outdoor activites means that you as our customers can enjoy all the excitement of a fun filled day in the picturesque surroundings of Cardigan Bay.

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Karting is a little known sport in our country, only some adrenaline junkies practice this world of engines and tracks in Bogota. What most people do not know, is that driving kart cars brings many benefits (besides being super fun). This page, go karts places near me, will help you to find us. Learn more about vortex engines for go karts here. additionally we are now carrying Tony Karts, click here to see our inventory.

For example, one advantage of maintaining this hobby is experiencing a type of driving that we should not do on the open road for obvious reasons. Therefore, it becomes an ideal means for anyone who feels like demonstrating how skillful he is at the wheel, can do it with complete safety. Learn all about our Tony Kart rolling chassis page here.

From an educational point of view allows us to handle the physical forces that manifest when driving and thus know the behavior of a vehicle when it is taken to the limit, you can learn the techniques of plotting curves and braking, how to pass or overtake Other cars, steering control, etc. Thanks to the competition and the constant movement of the carts you can train to improve the reflexes, senses and coordination of the brain-hands-feet. There is no better training camp to train more novice drivers than karting.

In short, this sport allows us to learn to drive in an almost professional way, it helps us feel safer when driving on the road and to be able to ride out of a complicated situation.
We share a list of instructions and places to nearby practice this sport. Remember, running karts is not a game, leave it to the pros and enjoy a lot of the experience.


1. Build a patch of friends or family. (The more competitive the better)
2. Make teams or maintain individual competition. As you prefer.
3. Choose a place to play go-karts. The one that suits you or like.
4. Select a car with more starting and having a motor of 125 cc. 2-stroke automatic (electronic ignition), single cylinder, without gearbox and cooled by water or air. Or for the less knowledgeable, the color you like.
5. Protection, helmets are essential in this extreme sport.
6. It’s time to enjoy the race tracks and race to see who is the best. Fast indoor tracks and outdoor go kart racing tracks are awesome.

How 125 2-Stroke Engines Produce Power
November 28, 2016
125cc Go Kart engines create a massive amount of horsepower per cubic inch of displacement. Becuase of having two less cycles to complete the combustion process they rev very high. Most of these motors can reach rpm limits of 14,000. Your average car can only reach 6,000 rpm.

Karting has long been known to be the most fun that you can have on four wheels. It does not matter how old you are or what your experience level is anytime is a great time in a go-kart to have fun. We are fans of International Motorsports including Formula 1 and other major racing series. Virtually all professional race car drivers learn the craft from a young age go-karts these days.

As a matter of fact by the time most race car drivers are 15 years old they typically have 10 years of karting experience. It’s hard to say what it is about the thrill of speed that makes driving fast so much fun but beyond just the speed takes a lot of skill to become a great go-kart racer.

A go kart racing track
The RAF model BMB shifter kart engines for sale are CIK-FIA specifically designed and approved for KF categories:
water-cooled, centrifugal clutch and electric starter, are sold complete with motor plate, electronic ignition PWL and exhaust silencer homologated for different categories, excluding carburetor.

Among the most relevant technical solutions we find the lamellar pack positioned in a transverse way (unique), an innovative exhaust valve opened in two stages capable of ensuring an excellent torque and power to the engine at both low that the high regimes, the countershaft of contained dimensions and positioned laterally in the lower part of the engine, the pump for the cooling d ‘water placed on the outside with the transmission of motion through a toothed belt (solution that simplifies interventions on the track) and a weight very small (about 11 Kg).

All these features, which distinguish the innovations of the project, ensuring optimum performance and ‘high reliability.

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